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Rocky Mountain Ascent (RMA) provides outdoor recreation opportunities to at-risk youth in the Colorado community. We encourage youth toward self-actualization through positive adult mentorship, life-skills development, and self-challenge. We are committed to nurturing a sense of value and purpose in each individual.


To recognize the value and actualize the potential of each young individual in our community.



Openness: We remain open to new ideas, situations, and people.

Respect: We acknowledge the value in each unique life path, and treat everything and everyone in a way that is aligned with that value - including ourselves.

Presence: True contentment is derived from full presence. We strive to give our full attention to every present moment.

Self-challenge: We step out of our comfort zones to facilitate growth, and embrace failure as a learning opportunity.

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Our History

Rocky Mountain Ascent (RMA) is a branch of the Knights of Heroes Foundation (KOH), a nonprofit organization that was started in 2007 in response to a growing need for positive adult mentorship for Gold Star Children. In 2018, KOH began hosting day and overnight trips for children from group homes in Colorado Springs. These visits sparked a passion in KOH volunteers and graduates, who have committed to expanding the program working with local youth in the foster care system. The summer of 2023 was the first official operating season of Rocky Mountain Ascent with paid staff, and we plan to continue expanding the program as the mission of KOH naturally transitions toward serving at-risk youth.

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