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At RMA, our goal is to empower foster and homeless youth to lead purposeful, fulfilling lives. We recognize that while the recreational camp experience plays a crucial role in this endeavor, we are committed to maximizing our impact. To advance this mission, we are introducing a comprehensive month-long program designed to support young adults in their transition out of the system. This expansion enables us to provide a more substantial and sustained support system that will equip these young individuals with the skills and resources necessary to thrive in their journey towards independence and a purpose-driven life. Here is our plan on how to get there!

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5-Year Timeline

Summer 2024

Summer 2025

Summer 2026

This summer we will offer the following experiences (Register now!):

  • Boy's and Girl's Summer Camps (Ages 14-17):

    • Adventure

    • Life Skills

    • Backpacking

  • Group Retreats (All Ages)

  • Internships (Age 18+)

2025 will be a transitionary period to prepare for the launch of our Trekkers program. It will include the following:

2026 will be the first summer we implement our new program at full capacity with three program offerings:

  • Hikers: Weekly day-visits for foster youth (ages 14-17)

  • Trekkers: 2 sessions of month-long retreats (ages 18-22)

  • Sherpas: 2 sessions of month-long internships (ages 20+)

About the Sanctuary Program

Our month-long holistic retreat experience will provide guidance and support utilizing four different components; Coaching, Recreation, Skills, and Resources



Group and one-on-one coaching sessions to create a vision for the future and lay out the steps to get there.



Daily activities to connect with nature, step outside of your comfort zone, and establish a healthy lifestyle.



Get connected to local resources to make sure your path forward is well-supported.



Build self-efficacy with essential life skills, and learn the ropes of living independently.


At RMA we've made a comittment; provide healing recreational experiences at no cost to the camper or client. That's a big promise! So how are we going to get there? We've made a couple decisions we think will set us up to provide the best experiences possible for our population

Donation-Based Model

We have made a strategic decision to exclusively rely on grants and donations to fund our mission, avoiding the pursuit of additional licensure and contracts with local government agencies and insurance companies. This decision has been motivated by our desire to maintaining the autonomy required to operate our programs in the manner we believe best serves our community. Pursuing licensure as a Youth Residential Facility, Mental Health Treatment Facility and/or contracts with government entities comes with a large deal of regulations.

While these regulations are crucial for ensuring proper practice of larger organizations and businesses, they can impose substantial burdens on smaller organizations like ours, hindering our ability to innovate and deliver services tailored to the unique needs of our population. By operating independently, we maintain the freedom to implement creative solutions and disrupt the mental health/wellness industry from the outside. 

This decision means the following:

- Attending our retreat experience does NOT fulfill any legal requirements for residential mental health care.

- We do not accept insurance... nor do we need to! Our program will be completely donation-based.

- Attending our program is always completely consensual. This means the client must not be forced to attend by any external person or entity. They are also free to leave the program any time.

Funding Needs

This decision means that our donors incredibly important in this process. The Knights of Heroes Organization (our parent organization) has been operating for almost 2 decades from the generosity of donors. We are confident that we can sustain the same model! After a successful season operating as RMA with a full-time staff, we have a much better idea of our financial needs. 

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